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Should spend about 40 minutes on this task.


Write about the following topic:


Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.



Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


You should write at least 250 words.





It is true that in today's society the income of a famous professional sport player is far larger than the ones of other careers. Some people believe that this result is fair while the others are against it. This paper will examines this issue from the two viewpoints and from that, it can be seen why this phenomenon is justified.



 There are two reasons why it is fair for sport players to earn a greater deal than others. Firstly, everyone has to devote himself to the hardest training course in order to be a champion or a famous sport athlete. As a result, it is justify for an expert sport players, who is popular, to earn a great deal of money because of the hardness he exchanged for glory. Secondly, successful sport professionals will contribute a huge value of entertainment worldwide. Hence, people should pay an equivalent amount of money for their contribution even it is usually higher than for other careers. In short word, it is justify for a famous athlete to gain more money than others.



 However, some people believe that this difference in incomes is significantly unfair to other professions. It is caused by a wrong comparison between the number of famous sport players who can earn a great deal of money and the number of people from other careers who can earn good money. More specifically, there are only a few sport professionals who can earn huge salary while for other professions, there are more people who can actually have large incomes. The reason is that others jobs are in more demand compared to sports.



 In conclusion, a successful athlete has the right to earn a great deal of money by exchanging his hard working for his succeed. However, people should pay a worthily money for their contributions to the society to prevent an unfair situation with other careers.




Undoubtedly, sports are a multimillion dollar industry. Due to this reason, people associated with this profession are earning much greater salaries as compared to doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and business graduates. Some people is in the favor of this argument while others believed this as unfavorable. To some extent it is justified but there is also a need to have other side of the picture as well.




 Couple of people is of the view that this stance is totally unfair particularly in this recessionary period. This will bring income disparity which is harmful for the society. In this way, the gap between the social classes widens. There is a need to have harmony and balance of wealth in the economy. It is much better to spend this excessive salary to feed the poor of our locality. Whereas other group of people supports this view and argue that there are very few sportsmen who are earning high wages. There is one David Beckham, one Sachin Tendulkar. Not every player is as wealthier as they are. Besides this, the average age of players is the shortest than any other profession. Players get retired at an early age of 30’s and 40’s. On the other hand doctors and lawyers can do practice even after the age of 65. Players work day and night to bring glory and winning cups for the whole country. It is because of these players that any nation can organize tournament that is prime factor in generating a lot of revenue.


 In short, I would like to say that claim is fully justified and there is no harm of earning a huge amount of money.




World famous athletes such as Ronaldo or Messi in football can earn more than $100000 per week, and that number is only a fraction of what they can earn through advertising and sponsoring contracts. It seems unfair when world class surgeons or engineers are never received such popularity and paychecks. However, it does not mean that becoming an athlete is an easier pathway; and in this perspective, I think that the money sports stars receive is justified.




 First of all, studying medical science, engineering or information technology at a university guarantees that we can find a job after graduation. Even though it is very competitive in this time of economy crisis, these professions are always needed by the society. Surfing the internet or looking at local newspapers, we can find companies hiring accountants, programmers or doctors every day. How often do we see anyone need a tennis player? Because athletes follow a riskier path, a higher reward is required to encourage them.




 In addition, considering playing sports as an easy job is seriously misunderstanding. The number of players among the elite group that we know their names is just the tip of an iceberg. Many players put enormous efforts into their training, but they end up playing in their local area as a hobby and have to find a different job to sustain themselves. To be as famous as Federer not only requires daily training from a young age but also being physically and mentally gifted, an element that just a few possess.




Nonetheless, the inequality in payments of the two types of professions is unfair given their importance to society. Although sports entertained people, our community would still sustain without tennis or football. Contrarily, if there were no engineers or doctors, there would be immediate disasters.




 To sum up, the fortune that sports stars are enjoying is the result of their efforts and talent; consequently, they totally deserve it. However, society might need to appreciate the contribution of other professions as they are more necessary than sports.




Since the extensive attention media has been paid for many years according to the number of the related issues being uncovered, it is unsurprisingly for sports to gain the popularity from the public. As a result, many sports professionals are likely to be paid more than any other professionals.




 Although some people view their earnings to be unfair especially when comparing with experts in some essential areas, for instance, surgeons and scientists, it is unavoidable to realize that the rule of society has changed ever since the introduction of the concept “more popular, more money”. Therefore, the essences of contribution each career has made for the public cannot be considered as the index for how much money a person should attain.




 As the strictly practice with fix schedule every sports stars are required in each day, it is likely that they tend to face with limited freedom which may affect their personal relationships with family or romantic partners later on. Besides, as the public have recently shed light focusing more on their personal lives, being taken pictures by paparazzi, stalked from manic fans, and criticized harshly after unable to perform well in the games are frequently occurred to them, it can be clearly seen that sports stars are more likely to be invaded by the public than any other professionals, and it can ruin their private lives easily. Furthermore, due to the short duration of the career in terms of age, their popularity is likely to be lived in a short period. For example, football players can be at their peak moment when they are still 25 years old, but are likely to be excluded from the team after turning to 35 as a result of physical strength deterioration.




 In a nutshell, it can be noted that sports stars receive their fame and money but unfortunately it can only last in a short term during experiencing losing personal issues for the rest of their lives. Therefore, earnings more money than any other professionals for sports stars may be seen to be reasonably justified.



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