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Should spend about 40 minutes on this task.


Write about the following topic:


Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome culture differences. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.



Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


You should write at least 250 words.





As life has improved day by day, people tend to travel more frequently now than in the past. It is argued that visitors to other countries should follow the host countries' traditions and behavior. However, there is an opposite idea saying that the host country should welcome culture differences. This essay will take a closer look at the issue.



 Nowadays, not only do people consider travelling as a chance to relax but they also think it is a way to self-improve. It will be a great opportunity to try new things such as traditional cuisine, music, custom. In my country, I have seen many visitors being very excited and surprised when they tasted our food or when they wore Aodai. If you travel to other countries just to view landscapes, you will obviously waste a perfect chance for learning new things.



 However, there are various aspects against this argument. Some people think that it is really hard for travellers to follow local customs and behaviour because they are totally different and they may not be able to adapt to the traditions. If visitors are welcomed despite all the differences, they will feel comfortable and may travel to that country again. Besides, it is also very beneficial for the local people to experience new culture in their home countries. Consequently, the host country should greet culture differences. Almost all people in my country find it very exciting when they have a foreign guest. They can also accept the differences easily.



 Personally, it is always good to have more experiences, even for the visitors or the local people. Moreover, it is not very frustrated to try new things or to accept new things. What important is the knowledge you get and the feelings you have been through. Therefore, visitors to other countries should try to follow local customs and behavior and the host countries should welcome culture differences as well.




There are many reasons why visitors should try to behave like locals.


 First of all visitors can easily avoid conflicts and express respect for locals and their cultural and religious feelings by behaving like them. Probably the most obvious examples are for tourists to avoid drinking alcohol, wearing revelling clothing and kissing in public if locals consider this behaviour inappropriate.



 Nowadays globalisation and tourism already have heavily impacted local customs and traditions so differences between many countries have been evened out. It can be vital for the survival of local customs and traditions that visitors respect them and show some interest.



 In addition visitors are more likely to gain insight into a host county and it’s culture by following local customs. Even if they do not know the details culture their behaviour can show interest and locals are probably more welcoming towards visitors behaving sensible.



 On the other hand I don't think visitors can or should follow local customs in any case. With cultural difference often being subtle visitors might simply lack knowledge about the local customs. Certainly language barriers, lack of time or interest contribute to keeping visitors from having detailed knowledge of what is considered adequate behaviour. Furthermore if visitors try to imitate a local custom in a dilettantish way it can come across as respect less and inadequate.



 Generally some aspect of local customs might clash with the visitors expectations of their stay or holidays in the host country. It is clear that not being able to wear a bikini in public will probably conflict with visitors coming to a country for a beach holiday.




 Another point is a host country might profit significantly from tourists vesting and it is reasonable to expect some degree of tolerance and openness towards visitors from the local population.




 In summary after considering both point of views I think visitors should make a basic effort to adapt their behaviour in a way that does not conflict with local customs in a foreign country to make their stay more enjoyable for themselves and locals. This might not always be possible or desirable for the visitors so there are times when visitors are better off to follow their own customs.




With the advancement of technology and globalization, lots of people travel to other countries either for the sake of vacations or for official purpose. It is argued that the foreigners have to follow the local customs and behaviors. However, there is an opposite view that is not in the support of the argument. The essay will take a closer look on both sides of the situation.




 Group of people who wants to have a multi-culture society favors to welcome other cultures. Firstly, it is one of the ways to learn new traditions and customs of the other regions. Host country will be able to learn exciting things free of cost. Secondly, we cannot force the tourists to learn local languages and adapt the local culture. To some extent, ethically and morally it is unfair, everyone has a freedom to follow its own traditions and this is also in accordance with the democratic system of the government. On the other hand, foreigners should not humiliate the customs of the natives. They should respect their norms and religion.




 Whereas, other group of people have a stance that visitors should follow the local traditions, lifestyle and culture. According to them, it is very important in order to preserve our heritage. They also argued that it is beneficial for the visitors as well because they would be able to communicate and understand better if they have some knowledge of the local culture. Moreover, they can enjoy variety of food, festivals and other stuff that would not be available in their own country.




 To sum it up, I am of the view that there is a need to have a balance attitude towards this approach. Locals and visitors both should show tolerance and behave and adapt that is appropriate.




Nowadays tourism has developed so much that we can visit to the other countries easily. Sometimes people have problem with integration to different culture, traditional. One group of people think that tourists have to pursue demeanor and usage of arrived country however others believe that receiving country should encourage these differences. I am going to discuss both opinions and give my own view.




 Firstly when we go to the other countries we must respect theirs laws, cultures, mentalities and behave look like intelligent person because when some people come to our country we call them to be carefully with our city, population and do not dirty. Visitors have to know their alcohol limit, how to wear. For example in Islam countries they do not drink alcohol and women wear very close.




 On the hand this is not say that population of the inviting country does not welcome of their guests. While visitors come, restaurants and shops could sell different thinks, cookers for increasing their profit. For instance UK has a lot of Islamic cuisine with halal food and Hindi, china cooking and UK is tolerant country where all the people from different countries can feel themselves at home.




In conclusion I think we can go to other countries we can live there and we have to respect that people and they should be tolerant and hospitable at least because they earn much money from visitors. However we do not forget our national traditions which come to us from our forefathers.




The higher standard of living in the modern life gives people a lots of chances to travel overseas. There is always the controversial issue that some people suggest that incoming tourists should obey the local customs and behavior while others do not agree.




 In the first place, people travel to relax and have different experiences about the life in the surrounding world. The culture is different from country to country, visitors may find it hard to adjust other local customs and behavior, and however, it is more exciting to try something new in the land they visit. For example, many tourists cannot hide their interesting when trying the Aodai in Vietnam and enjoys some specialty such as bun bo Hue, Quang noodles, pho. Moreover, it is highly appreciated if the visitors follow the local life style in host country.




 On the other hand, many argue that the host country should welcome differences. The visitors will feel being at home if they can follow their own customs and behaviors. In fact, there always occurs culture-shock since when some visitors enter other country they cannot understand the cultural differences from the host country. Furthermore, it is true that there are increasingly tourists visiting ,the host country will be benefited in terms of economy and politic.




 The controversial topic of considering how should tourists behave has always been being discussed in the society. In my point of view, tourists should follow the host country life style and the government should make some regulation to require tourists to respect the culture of its country



Travelling over all world recognize people more culture and tradition habits about these countries that they visit.


 People they visit others countries read about these countries to know their culture and behavior because they believe in the visitor should follow custom and behavior its country that they visit. People who believe in this manner they think contravene the custom.




 On other hand, some people think when they stay on their custom they will recognize population that country at their culture and custom ,by using this manner they will encourage people to visit their country. Population host country may be prefer to follow your custom to gain more information about your country.




 In addition, people travel to exchange knowledge, culture, tradition and custom.so; the county that visited will welcome to know different culture and custom.




Nowadays, Tourism and Travel is one of the most popular field which can produce a sum of money. Many countries rely heavily on these field to capitalise their income. In order to complete this task, a country should welcome its tourists, make them feel comfortable and happy in the country they visit.




 Some countries has given a freedom to its tourist. For instance, in Bali, Indonesia, Tourist are allowed to kiss in public. In the other provincies in Indonesia, this such action is usually unallowed. As a result of this freedom, Bali has a lot of foreign visitors, despite of the natural beauty such as beach Bali has to offer.




 However, Some of the countries decide to stick with his old and traditional role such as Saudi Arabia. This country has very strict laws which can be drawbacks for tourists. For example, there’s a rule which says every person should wear an appropriate clothes. This can be a disaster for foreign people, especially for them who are coming from a country which has a cold weather. I believe that they want to feel the heat by using a tank top, bikini, etc. Hence, Most of foreign visitor in saudi arabia just want to do their religion’s quest which is to visit Mekkah, apart from this, don’t expect any tourist will intend to visit Saudi Arabia.




 In conclusion, It’s very advantageous to welcome your guest. Be wise and accept all the cultural differences they have as long as those doesn’t really hurt your country. Don’t just make them feel like they’re in a marvelous adventure, but make them feel like in home as well.



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