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Should spend about 40 minutes on this task.


Write about the following topic:


It is generally accepted that families are not close as they used to be.  Give some reasons why this change has happened and suggest how families could be brought closer together.  Include any relevant examples from your experience.



Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


 You should write at least 250 words.





Nowadays, the attachment between the different family members appears to be much less tight than it always used to be. Several decades before, the family bonds were much more rigid and concrete compared to the current situation. Parents used to spend more time with their young children. Also it was quite normal for a child who got married and separated from his parents to be visiting his original family quite often.



Of course the intensity of the problems varies from one society to another, according to the prevalent culture in a society. However, presently the issue pervades in the majority of the societies, even those which are always deemed much more conservative and traditional than their counterparts.



The reason why the phenomenon, has become that obvious, may probably be the extremely fast rhythm of the daily life. Parents are always running fast to find an adequate job a particular domain, complete his work well, and collect money to respond to the needs of their children. This might be very eminent mainly in the countries still under development. Another reason could be the extreme traffic congestion that most of the world capitals are suffering from, these days. This encourages the second generation to relocate and stabilize in a new region away from his/her hometown. A region that might be still under development, thus be not suffering from most of the capital troubles and difficulties.



According to me, I think it is becoming imperative to work on crippling the increasing prevalence of this phenomenon, and ensure preventing it from being more dominant. Some good suggestions could be to encourage the travel agencies to avail some special offers for families. Another idea is to work on expanding the public places, where the different family members can go out and enjoy their times.



In conclusion, I would say that its one of the primary responsibilities of the social communities in every society to ward off such harmful phenomenon. They should be capable to watch the signs leading to this, the earliest possible, so that they can work on preventing it to be more pervasive.



“Having a place to go - is a home.  Having someone to love - is a family.  Having both - is a   blessing.”


Family means love, trust, communication, being together, sharing, understanding, listening, caring and space. Family values are deservedly praised (extolled). A well-functioning family is a microcosm of society as it should work. Unfortunately, the contemporary (awful) habits of socialization and work have surely misled our attitudes towards living by a harmonious family relationship.




According to me, the main reason behind such a formal family relationship is the lack of emotional assistance among the family members. This emotional bonding makes one to hinge onto other family members for their affective nourishment. Being deficient of this emotional wanting, the member now moves outwards in the society for accomplishing the same need. This makes him/her more vulnerable and thus psychically broken.



Other reason for family formality is greed for money wherein a member leaves behind all the family values for achieving materialistic dreams. Moreover, family members are prone to disintegrate very often as and when they become self-independent by all means. Disintegration is not a problem, but lack of family oneness is surely a big problem.




 For bringing families together, there are primarily three things that are worth mentioning.



1)Having a lifelong commitment for living by a sense of trust and honor with other family members.



2)Seeing Eye to eye on main topics, along with ability to compromise on areas of disagreement. There must be open honest communication about important matters such as financial planning, how to spend free time, what sort of social ties to emphasize, etc.



3)Practicing mutual love - an abiding, deep warmth and affection towards other family members. A love that smiles at each other's imperfections, not scorns them. A love that is eager to serve.



Hence to sum up, there lays a big responsibility on each individual family member to practically maintain the family bonding no matter what outer forces influence him/her to break such a heaven’s gift. http://band-8-ielts-essays.blogspot.com/




The today’s family-life has changed a lot. Many parents are divorce, a lot of mothers and fathers have their jobs far away from home. The children are often alone and lonely ... but what are the reasons for this happening?




First of all, I think that the modern technology is one of the main reasons for this problem. Many parents work in their nearest cities from their home. They work with computer in big offices and came home late at night. However, they have no time to look after their children.




In the past, families used to work "as a family". Every member worked hard and helped the family to survive, for example farmers. Furthermore, the education used to be controlled by the parents, not like today’s day-schools with teachers and professors. On the other hand, there must be a solution to bring separated families together. At my point of view, families should spend their free time together. I am thinking about weekends or the time after work. Children need their parents even when they are older. To give a reasonable example: I often go out with my parents, mostly for a dinner. Then my brother and I speak about our future plans or something else. An intensive conversation is a possible solution. A similar way is, to divide your job into half-part work-times and spend your free time leftover with your loved persons. A point against this statement is to have financial problems.




To sum up I wish that every family is as close as possible with each other, if they like that. Band 6 score



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